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Mark Sarney

Twistpoint [Kagent Series #2]

Twistpoint [Kagent Series #2]

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The Kagents Never Expected This...


Kagent Nick Lincoln returns in another fast-paced datapunk thriller. And this time he's on a mission to change the Stabilizer Alliance itself.


Two years after the Kagents defeated the Stabilizer Alliance, its militant and benevolent factions vie for control. Nick has a plan to nudge the Alliance to choose the benevolent path. It's his only chance to reconcile with his Stabilizer family.


But the leader of the Stabilizers' militant wing is pushing the Alliance to sabotage the offworld economies and destroy the Kagents. All nonviolently, of course. He and Nick engage in a 24th century game of drone-and-mouse.


Nick must risk everything to stop Lassiter. But Nick's projections didn't include a shocking betrayal, personal heartbreak, and battling stone cold killers in a fight he knows he can't win.


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