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Mark Sarney

Crashpoint [Kagent Series #1]

Crashpoint [Kagent Series #1]

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The 24th century solar system is bustling with advanced human societies. But on poorer, balkanized Earth, towns struggle against depopulation and refugees flee from ethnic, economic, and education cleansing.

The home planet's only bright spots are cosmopolitan cities that trade offworld. But nonviolent terrorists called Stabilizers despise offworld influences and want to impose a slower-paced, low-stress lifestyle. They make prosperity appear suicidal by stealthily destroying a city's economy and government with weaponized social epidemics.

Offworld Kagents project a future where the Stabilizers crash the last open city and all civilization follows. With time running out, they recruit bounty hunter Nick Lincoln and his uncanny analytical abilities to find a future where Hamilton survives.

But when Nick discovers how to stop the Stabilizers, he learns a secret about them, the Kagents,  and himself that will change everything.


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