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Mark Sarney

The Obesity Pandemic

The Obesity Pandemic

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The truth is starving


Scientist Elaine Cassano returns in this gripping sequel set five years after The Obesity Conspiracy. She's signed on to save the world by making America obese. She's corralling alien scientists too smart for their own good, squabbling with her overweight teenager, and running sketchy errands for a high-strung undead attorney. Life is weird, but good.


But when the food industry betrays the conspiracy and expands the obesity epidemic into a global pandemic, Elaine risks everything to stop them. In return, they unleash the FBI on her, forcing her to flee into an underworld of shallow graves, the Las Vegas occult, and ancient secrets buried in a meteor that could save the world.


If you like conspiracy thrillers with a layer of paranormal horror then feast on this novel.


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