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The Obesity Conspiracy

The Obesity Conspiracy

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The epidemic was no accident

The obesity epidemic has hit America like an alien invasion. Everything has been blamed for it, but it's all lies and misdirection from a conspiracy inside the food industry. And they'll stop at nothing to keep the truth hidden.


The industry's new food additive causes obese people to attack skinny people. When whistleblowers bring this to disgraced government scientist Elaine Cassano, it's the last thing she needs. She really has to stay out of trouble to regain custody of her young son.


As people begin dying, Elaine realizes she has to expose the truth. But when she learns that the industry created the epidemic to stop something much, much worse, she will question everything.


The Obesity Conspiracy is a page-turning sci-fi horror. Imagine Fast Food Nation abducted by The X-Files.

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