Ancient monsters. Modern horrors. There’s always a bigger conspiracy.


Elaine knows how the world ends. All life on earth will die within decades. But she believes she can stop it. If only she and her team can mobilize the world’s scientists to tackle this genetic apocalypse.

But going public creates a backlash. There are those who already know about the coming global extinction. They welcome it. They caused it. And they will bribe, blackmail, and summon supernatural monsters to kill anyone who tries to stop them.

All conspiracies end

As the doomsday cult tightens its grip on Elaine, she has to fight not just for her life but for all life. Even if it is a losing battle. Even if she has to endanger her son to ensure he may have a future. Even as she can’t escape the genetic damage starting to wreak havoc inside her body.

The truth is everywhere

In the final book of the trilogy, the horror and the heartbreak come at a breakneck pace. Come for the terrifying supernatural monsters, stay for the realistic horrors that you don’t want to face.





“Great story telling and Stitcher is awesome.” – Amazon Reviewer

“I even had to force myself to put it down before bed one night so I could sleep.” – Amazon Reviewer

Five years after Elaine joined the obesity conspiracy, she is juggling a teenage son, bizarre alien scientists, and the conspiracy’s manic mastermind. So when her food industry bosses decide to make the obesity epidemic a global pandemic, Elaine has to fight to keep her lab open. It requires sharply-honed talking points. She’s got this.

But when a dogged FBI agent discovers the shallow graves of the conspiracy’s past, everything completely falls apart. The FBI hounds her across the country, old friends betray her, and bodies start dropping. The last thing she needs is to fall in love. Especially with a food industry executive who wants to close her lab. She has always had the worst luck with romance.

But there is nothing quite like a toxic apocalypse to put your love life and career in perspective. When Elaine’s scientists discover a doomsday side effect of the planet’s growing environmental troubles, she realizes that ending the obesity epidemic may be humanity’s only chance to survive.

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“A terrifically fun romp through some serious topics.” – Amazon Reviewer

“What’s for breakfast takes a macabre turn.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Kept me glued to the pages.” – Amazon Reviewer

The obesity epidemic came out of nowhere and everywhere. It has attacked Americans of every sex, age, education, and income. No one knows how it happened or why. Everything and everyone has been blamed for it. And no one knows how to stop it. Intrepid government scientist Dr. Elaine Cassano has dedicated her life to fighting the epidemic, but it’s become personal now that it has started to affect her son.

A bag of tainted chips thrusts her into a shadowy corporate underworld that is hell bent on making Americans obese, even if it means killing off skinny people. With custody of her overweight son on the line, Elaine has to stay one step ahead of corporate ghouls, extraterrestrials, and her own agency’s bureaucrats to expose the conspiracy and save her son. But the shocking truth at the core of the conspiracy will make her question everything.

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