Year of Writing: 2013

Did I meet my goals? The numbers are in, the auditors have confirmed them, and the stats have been crunched. I gave myself goals that seemed achievable but tough, based on my NaNoWriMo experience in 2012. Let’s go to the

Averaging 900 words a day after 7 months

I’ve been tracking my daily word count on freshly written, original fiction wordage this year.┬áJuly was particularly challenging because I went on a ten-day,┬áPacific Northwest vacation which included many days where I was not near a computer until night, when

My writing plan for 2013

Hello. I hope your holiday stretch was festive, fun and safe. My writing plan for 2013 is: Self-publish the first Kagent novel. I think I have a handle on producing professionally-edited print and e-book novels for less money than what