Traditional Bio

Mark Sarney has been writing science fiction since he was a geeky, contrarian kid in Rochester, NY. He once converted his garage into an actual forest for Halloween, has stuck his head inside the Oval Office, and converts sencha tea and long commutes into science fiction.

He is the author of the Kagent Trilogy and the Obesity Conspiracy trilogy. You can follow him at and on

Character Sheet

  • Name: Mark Sarney
  • Race: Geek / Gender: Male / Height: 5’7″ / Weight: 140 / Model: Early 1970s
  • Class: Writer
  • Ability scores:
    • Strength: Humor
    • Constitution: Drinks green tea and water, washes hands
    • Dexterity: 6th grade dodgeball champion
    • Intelligence: Phi Beta Kappa
    • Wisdom: WYSIWYG
    • Charisma: Nice guy
  • Alignment: Lawful Good / Deity: Flying Spaghetti Monster, Cthulhu, Q
  • Weapons: Dvorak keyboard layout, trackball, standing desk
  • Written languages (in descending order of fluency): English, SAS
  • Verbal languages (in descending order of fluency): English
  • Skills: Writing, analyzing, reading
  • Feats: Married, procreated, employed, published
  • Big 5 Personality Traits: O,C,E,A,non-N
  • Affiliations: Science Fiction Writers Association

My Nonfiction Stuff

Why I am mentioning my nonfiction? In the internet age, there’s little use pretending that some easily Google-able part of your life doesn’t exist. And in my case, the fiction-writing and nonfiction-writing sides of my professional life tend to interact with and inspire one another. So why not be upfront and transparent about it? At worst, I’m giving my employer some free publicity.

My nonfiction publications are all collected here.

To Contact Me

I’d love to hear from all interested humans! (spambots not welcome in my inbox, thanks)

Email: mark at mark sarney dot com