The Obesity Apocalypse paperback is here! And for you blog readers, it is discounted to $10.99. I planned to launch it on March 1st at the full price of $12.99, but then thought I should give you blog readers a shot for a discount – until March 10th.

If you’re a book-binding sniffer who likes the feel of paper under your paws, grab a copy while the launch price is $0.99 until March 10th.

There’s Always a Bigger Conspiracy

For over fifty years, a religious cult has controlled the chemical industry. They have poisoned the genetic structure of all life on Earth to bring about an End of Days. The obesity epidemic is just a symptom. But to Elaine Cassano and her intrepid team of conspiracy nuts, undead operatives, and alien scientists, death is just a chronic health condition. They set out to stop this genetic apocalypse by defeating the cult from within, while staying a step ahead of the FBI. It’ll be tough to pull off, they think, but doable. In the thrilling conclusion to the Obesity Conspiracy trilogy, Elaine will face modern biological horrors, mythical homicidal monsters, and the end of the world.


The Obesity Apocalypse is available!