His incredibly fascinating and pessimistic talk at something called the 34th Chaos Communication Congress in Germany last month. (Note: if you invite Charlie to something tagged as “an annual four-day conference on technology, society and utopia” and expect to be uplifted, you deserve what you get).

I disagree with a lot of his pessimism and always have. But he is one of the smartest and most interesting science fiction writers of our time and I have been a big, big fan. His concept of corporations, slow AI, I am completely on board with and I agree with him that the Singularity is a quasi-religious geek pipe dream.

And if you think his talk is all techno speak, it’s mostly about history, economics, and politics. So much so that he apologizes to the geek crowd for not mentioning tech much.

Lots of good stuff for tech geeks, science fiction writers, historians, and marketers to think about. It’s the talk that could launch a thousand dystopian science fiction stories and hundreds of night sweats over the future.

I’ve heard him speak many times before and the video is worth watching if you haven’t. The transcript is right in the blog post if you don’t have time for the video.

A must see Charlie Stross talk on breaking the future
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