Check out electric cellist Tina Guo rocking her own version (i09). She recorded the theme in Batman V Superman. She may have recorded more for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, although the i09 post is a little vague on that point. Hans Zimmer deserves props for the movie soundtracks he’s put together and for elevating artists like Guo.

That electric cello looks amazing too. She also gets bonus points for wearing a Darth Vader shirt while recording this.

I am very much looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie. The Wonder Woman-Amazon origin story has always struck me as outdated and… off (why are the Amazons so Spartan-esque? Who do they fight?). If you want to know about the interesting story behind Wonder Woman’s origin, check out this Jill Lepore piece from the New Yorker. But I’m hoping that the movie handles it in some more sensible, modern way.

If you like the Wonder Woman theme…