The obesity epidemic came out of nowhere and everywhere. It has attacked Americans of every sex, age, education, and income. No one knows how it happened or why. Everything and everyone has been blamed for it. And no one knows how to stop it. Intrepid government scientist Dr. Elaine Cassano has dedicated her life to fighting the epidemic, but it’s become personal now that it has started to affect her son.

A bag of tainted chips thrusts her into a shadowy corporate underworld that is hell bent on making Americans obese, even if it means killing off skinny people. With custody of her overweight son on the line, Elaine has to stay one step ahead of corporate ghouls, extraterrestrials, and her own agency’s bureaucrats to expose the conspiracy and save her son. But the shocking truth at the core of the conspiracy will make her question everything.


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The Obesity Conspiracy launches 11/1