I aspire to build custom Lego sets and so I am triply in awe of those who can do so. And when someone builds a mammoth Star Destroyer that is more than just a shell, I’m completely blown away. Behold the bestest Lego Star Destroyer that will probably ever be built. When I saw this, my brain turned into thousands of red 1x1x1 bricks and were blown out the back of my head.

I don’t even know how Lego figured out how to build the official Ultimate Collector’s Set. For those who have built Lego sets before, these things are really coolly engineered from the inside out. When I start building a set, I have no idea how the first page of instructions leads to the finished product. This guy, Doomhandle, goes and does it bigger and better. It has rooms, hallways, walkways, even a bacta tank. All the photos are here.

And for those of you in the know, the non-canon Death Star canteen bit by comedian Eddie Izzard is classic. For a Lego reenactment to accompany his bit, check out this video. This Star Destroyer even has that canteen, with a ton of detail. Just imagine what Vader finds on his tray.

A Lego Star Destroyer with the Vader canteen scene INSIDE
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