Twistpoint-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

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Two years after the Kagents defeated the Stabilizer Alliance, offworld societies and the Earth cities that trade with them are thriving. The Stabilizers are adrift as the militant and pacifist factions wrestle each other for control.

Nick Lincoln’s Kagent models project that the Stabilizers have to choose between coexisting peacefully with offworld societies or destroying them. He embarks on a one-man quest to twist the Stabilizers into choosing peaceful coexistence, in part because he hopes it will help reunite him with his Stabilizer family.

But the Stabilizer militants’ crafty leader, Craig Lassiter, is already pushing the Alliance’s leaders towards sabotaging the offworld economies. All nonviolently, of course.

Nick must risk everything to stop Lassiter before it’s too late. But all his projections of the future haven’t prepared him for the betrayals and the heartbreak he will face along the way.


$1.99 for the ebook, $11.99 for the paperback. These are the lowest the prices will ever be. The longer you wait to buy, the higher the price.

Twistpoint (Kagent #2) is published!