Why send a newsletter? Is this just a desperate grab for my email address?

Not at all. I want to develop a relationship with my readers and give them something that provides as much use to them as it does to me.

What will it be called?

You thought I would say ‘the newsletter’ but that’s kind of lame. It’s called Scoop, after the fictional journalism platform in Crashpoint. Part of the reason is because I’m using MailChimp, and I want to use one of their templates.

How often will you send it?

I’ll start with once a quarter (4 per year), unless there’s time-sensitive news (new release, etc.) that requires something more than that. It won’t ever be something you see and think “oh, this again?”

What will be in it?

  1. News about my books, stories, and other publishing
  2. Savings for subscribers (free stuff, reduced prices, and other treasure)
  3. Behind the scenes looks at works in progress
  4. Recommendations (if you like X that I did, you’ll like Y)
  5. Writing project progress (word counts, milestones, etc.)


Email newsletter coming soon