My plan for 2014 includes:

  1. Writing 300,000 words of new fiction
  2. Continue my streak of over 365 days of new writing
  3. Editing over 400,000 words of fiction
  4. Publishing the Kagent trilogy
  5. Submitting short stories to some sci-fi publications

Can I write, edit, and publish three books a year? That is the challenge. This year will be a little easy because I should haveĀ one book published fairly shortly.

Note the addition of tracking my editing as well. Tracking new fiction is nice, but now that I have a production schedule, I am tracking words edited, because words written are not words publishable. Quantifying the editing will make me stick to the production schedule.

I should probably have some goals about studying craft, reading, learning business, etc. There’s a point at which this can get out of hand. <cough>

Going to cons? I don’t think so. Free time will be minimal for things like that. And movies, books, Legos and video games. Priorities, people.

What I’m doing in 2014
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