The writing total for November is lower than all the other months. I spent a lot of writing time (and video game time and reading time) editing an interior proof of the upcoming novel (and becoming chagrined with the number of typos I found). I’ve also been assembling the book’s ‘front matter’ which includes, acknowledgements, bio, etc.

  • Total words, November: 18,259
  • Daily average: 609
  • Total words, year to date: 291, 521

But the little that I did write was more seat-of-the-pants writing on near-future stories. I’ve set up a schedule for the next couple of years, based on writing about 300,000 new words per year. I may have already started to edged into what I planned for 2014, but that’s okay. Turning new words into publishable words takes time too.

November: a low point in a year of writing