There are people out there, I know it, who think I have gone overboard with Halloween just to get some oohs and ahhhs from my kids and other trick-or-treaters.

But I am not the only one. The geekosphere has discovered Dinovember, by a couple that brings their children’s dinosaur toys to life to instill a sense of wonder, mystery and imagination. Check out their display of pictures here¬†and on Facebook.

They went beyond something just cute to, dare I say, actual art, by making it believable and thorough. When you look at these pictures, even just for a second, you think ‘geez, those dinosaurs are out of control’.

I have done much more limited, random things like this with my kids toys. The latest was putting my daughter’s giant stuffed pig into a cardboard box and having her monkey try to help the pig get unstuck. She’s a cynical 14, but it still made her smile.

This is the same thing as people doing the Santa thing, or transforming the garage into a different world for Halloween. It’s an act of love, imagination, and a lot of awesome. Anyone can do it, and everyone should.

Dinovember, I applaud your imaginative portrayal
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