I do most of my writing on the bus to my other job (which seems to have become defunct recently). Since I do a lot of standing-desk work, my body has become accustomed to getting sleepy when I sit for long periods of time. Like a bus commute to DC. And when this happens when I’m writing —

I enter a totally different story. My brain just flips a channel, and suddenly I’m writing words about something completely different. There’s another story playing out, and I’m just recording it. Different characters, different genres just pop up, in media res, and play out for me. When I wake up —

I realize that I forgot I was on the bus, forgot I was writing X and not Y, and don’t even know what the heck Y was. It’s strange.

This happened again yesterday when I cranked out 2,000 words at the library. I got sleepy, the eyes closed and I slipped from one story to another in mid-sentence. It’s like switching radio stations and thinking the song is the same even though everything about it has shifted.

It seems like there’s a ton of stories back there and being half asleep is the only way to reach them. Maybe I will just drift off one of these days, write like that for half an hour or so, and see what turns up.

Stories from the dozing universe