August was a challenge because there were several disruptions to my writing routine (which is writing on the bus four days a week plus here and there when I can).  I still have not missed a day once in all of 2013.

Now for the numbers:

For August: 23,814 total, 768 per day average

For the year: 217,000 total, 880 per day average.

Things written: six short stories around one theme/character, or maybe episodes in a continuing story. It is something I have kicked around in my head and is set in Baltimore. I thought I would try writing Dean Wesley Smith style – start writing, no idea where it’s going, let the characters breath and drive each story. And boy, has there been some surprises. Not least of which is that how easy it has been. Except I have never knocked out over 7,000 words in one day like he has.

I have also been using Aeon Timeline to sort out a novel’s sequencing after writing the first draft. It is a big help – knowing the timing of multiple story arcs, sequencing events, figuring out travel times adds a layer of reality to a tale that seeps into every corner. Is it a weekday, morning or night, around a holiday, during which season? It really pays to know those details whether the story takes place in the present or four centuries later.

Keep reading and writing friends.

The Words of August