10 Things that are worse when green:

  1. Food that should be brown or white
  2. Furniture – it just looks industrial and crappy
  3. Walls – worst color choice, IMHO
  4. Human tissue – ew
  5. Vehicles – looks industrial and crappy
  6. Windows – green windows seem cheesy and strange
  7. Mammals – ew
  8. Teeth – ew
  9. Plastic – name a green plastic item that ever looks good
  10. The sky – usually means a tornado

Let’s see if I can name 10 things that are better when green:

  1. Plants (and anything with green plants)
  2. Tea
  3. Traffic lights
  4. Energy usage
  5. Light on Mac recharge cable (means it’s 100%)

Sorry, that’s it. But #1, plants, for me is where the color green can start and end. You can fill my field of view with green plants and my happiness score goes way, way up.

10 things that are worse when green