I’ve been tracking my daily word count on freshly written, original fiction wordage this year. July was particularly challenging because I went on a ten-day, Pacific Northwest vacation which included many days where I was not near a computer until night, when I was tired and distracted. July’s stats are:

  • 25,580 words written
  • 825 wpd average
  • Hi/lo: 1,510/229

After 7 months, 212 days, I have written:

  • over 190,000 words (a little over two novels)
  • 900 wpd average
  • Year word count estimate is 325,000 words (three novels and change, or 4 short novels worth)

Are they good? It’s all practice, so it’s all good. I have written some short stories that have been meh, and others that either suck or rock. And my own opinion may not be reliable, so who knows.

In other news, Kagent I is at the editor, I’m incorporating beta reader comments on a rough draft of Kagent II, and a rough draft of Kagent III is written and on the shelf, pending changes from editing on I and II.

Averaging 900 words a day after 7 months
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