Don’t miss a day, that’s how. I can bang out 1,100 words an hour at maximum speed. On my two long bus commutes to/fro work, 1,100 is doable. Often times it’s not being able to type fast, it’s knowing what to type (preparation) and not falling asleep (awakeness).

For the first three months of 2013, I wrote some words every day.

Here are the stats:

  • Total: 99,655 words
  • Total days: 90
  • Lowest daily count: 305
  • Highest daily count: 2,738

Not bad. The average was over 1,100, which is too high for me if I’m doing other writing things, like editing or incorporating edits. So I’m shooting for around 700-800 words a day for the second quarter to accommodate those other critical activities.

How to write 1,100 words a day for 90 days (part-time)
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