This year I have been tracking how many words I write each day. Partly it’s a motivational thing in the don’t-miss-a-day theme. Partly it’s just to see how much I can write for planning purposes.

In January I wrote:

  • over 35,500 words
  • which is over 1,100 words / day,
  • which would be over 415,000 words / year
  • which would be about 4 novels

Not bad for a part-timer in a month. Especially with writing time hit by bad weather days, 2 holidays and a couple horrendous commutes (more writing time) to offset them.

But I won’t write that much this year. This was first draft writing, which goes fast when I have things planned out. I will have to slow to flesh out parts that are half written. Also, my output will slow when I hit the tangle of a couple of plot knots, where events happen out of sequence or are illogical given a new development in the chapter before. And that won’t count editing or other work I will need to do to move from draft to published.

But still, 35,500+ words in 31 days.

I wrote 35,500 words in one month
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