My new 3,000 word short story The Tap Water Massacre is now available as an e-book at Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Nook). It features bounty hunters, facial expression analysis, a massacre, and privacy curb-stomping in the interests of justice. All set in the 24th century town of Bath, NY, where a local government dictator has gone too far. The full blown description:

When a mismatched pair of 24th century bounty hunters help prosecute a local dictator for mass murder, their squabbling jeopardizes the prosecution’s case and their own safety.

This 3,000 word short story is set in a world where bounty hunters have a monopoly on Big Data and any information is available – for a price. Assuming you don’t end up with a total clod of a bounty hunter to get it for you.

This is the first story out in the Kagent universe, of which there will be several novels and short stories forthcoming. There is a character in this story who appears in the first Kagent novel, so come for one story, stay for the universe.

I may try to get into a few other e-book outlets or I may not. Let me know if you want it on another e-reader. Publishing this story was an experiment in digital publishing and if you see things to fix, or want something in addition, let me know. And like it or hate, please leave reviews on Amazon and B&N!

New short story: The Tap Water Massacre
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