There is a part of Return of the Jedi that bugs me. No, it’s not the Ewoks. It’s when Vader suggests that Leia may turn to the Dark Side if Luke doesn’t, and in response, Luke goes berserk and attacks him, nearly falling to the Dark Side. When Luke yells “Never!”, I knew something was wrong.

Wrong Moment #1: Vader just learned he has a daughter. A daughter who he already knows, who is similar to her mother, whose planet he blew up and who he had tortured. And his only reaction is to threaten turning her to the Dark Side to make Luke angry enough to attack him. He’s otherwise unaffected by the news.

Wrong Moment #2: Why would Luke think Leia would turn to the Dark Side? She never wavers in her beliefs, even when her world is destroyed, her love is frozen, etc. Luke even told her on Endor that she is the strongest one among them.

Wrong Moment #3: Two minutes later, Vader saves Luke from the Emperor. Just, ya know, changes his mind after trying to kill Luke for the last ten minutes. For no apparent reason.

I agree that the major theme is the son resists the Dark Side, and ultimately redeems the father, and the Rebellion wins. Good ending, fits the saga’s mythical themes and motifs. But the execution doesn’t work. It could have been so much better. So I rewrote the scene with a more satisfying and exciting ending: Vader’s Redemption

(Of course, LucasFilm has all rights to anything Star Wars and I did this with no expectation of profit or compensation.)

Free Sample – Return of the Jedi scene rewrite
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