UPDATE: I’m reposting this because I had problems with connecting to the various social media outlets.

The Scoop, my newsletter, is now open to subscribers. The link should be right over on the right-hand side. It will include the news about all things having to with my writing projects. This is stuff for true fans:

  • discounts and special offers
  • inside info on what I’m writing and where things are at
  • recommendations for related or similar fiction and nonfiction
  • behind the scenes
  • cutting edge productivity and life hacks that feed into my fiction at some point but may be of use to people. Hint:

There’s three hitches I must warn you about:

  1. You will peer into my brain; you have been warned
  2. I may screw up this newsletter, or the subscriber list, since I haven’t done this before
  3. If I don’t get at least 10 subscribers, no newsletter. Because it won’t be worth my time to do it.
My newsletter may improve your memory
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