Check out these awesome skyscraper designs and pictures.

If you want just one example, look at this.

It’s refreshing to live in a period where architects feel free to push the envelope and do new things. They looked at what a building could be, from art, movies, science fiction novels, and their own imaginations, and then they ran with it. This is art feeding on other art building off otherĀ art and improving life.

Architecture is one of those areas, unlike painting or music, where tradition holds a lot of sway because often it is sitting next door and across the street. But any building that breaks new ground tends to upset the neighbors when it is first built, and then it becomes beloved. The Eiffel Tower, Trade Center towers, London Eye, to name a few, were not universally welcomed to their cities’ skylines.

I suspect we are on the cusp of a revolution in building design. Glass, steel, and concrete have held sway for about a century or so, but their time may be dwindling. Environmental concerns, energy concerns, and materials science could bring in new building materials. High-strength polymers, temperature-regulating organic materials, nano-engineered thingies, and organic LEDs could open up architects’ palettes and add to their toolbelts.

Living roofs could expand into living buildings, with greenery running down the sides. Lights embedded in structural supports. Building skins that emit light. Animal-shaped buildings, like giant topiaries. Try anything, throw it all at the wall, and change things up.

You’ve never seen skyscrapers like this
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